Model Number YZYX70WZ #5788
Brand Name QIE
origin China
Small Orders Accepted

Key Specifications Special Features:

The YZYX70WZ series automatic temperature-controlled combined oil press produced by our company is suitable for extracting vegetable oil such as rapeseed, cottonseed, soybean, peanut, linseed, tung oilseed, sunflower seed, black seed, flaxseed, palm kernel, and so on. The product has the following characteristics small investment, large capacity, strong compatibility and high efficiency. Widely used in small refineries and rural enterprises.

The series YZYX70WZ combined oil presses are developed on the basis of a single machine to meet market demands. The function of auto-heating the press cage has replaced the traditional way of squeezing residue cake, which could shorten the preparation work, reduce energy consumption and abrasion, and thus lengthen durability. When the squeezing is suspended, the temperature can be maintained by this system. In the meanwhile, this machine was added with a filtration function. The crude oil discharged from the press cage will directly be filtrated by the vacuum filtration system. Compared with the traditional plate frame filtration machine, the vacuum filtration machine is lighter, easier to operate and more convenient to clean the residue (so the residue can be re-squeezed in time if necessary). The structure of this combined oil press is compact, only requires a small working place and saves labor. It is ideal cooking oil equipment for small oil refinery use, processing oil in rural and urban bazaars or processing material supplied by clients in a rural area.
Automatic combined oil press machine with oil filter supplier <
Automatic combined oil press machine with oil filter supplier

Shipping Information

FOB Port Shenzhen
Weight per Unit 560.0 Kilograms
Lead Time 10–30 days
Dimensions per Unit 140.0 x 130.0 x 165.0 Centimeters

Main Export Markets

– Asia- Australasia- Central/South America- Eastern Europe – Mid East/Africa- North America- Western Europe