Model Number 200-2
Brand Name QIE
origin China
Small Orders Accepted

Key Specifications Special Features:

Large  crude oil extractor mainly used for vegetable oil and biodiesel processing in medium and large oil plants. These large oil presses are generally divided into two types: hot press oil presses and cold press low temperature oil presses. The large oil presses we offer are suitable for extracting vegetable oils from oilseeds and nuts such as rapeseed, groundnut, sesame, cottonseed, soybean seed, corn germ, copra, sunflower seed, etc.

For the whole process of crude oil extraction machine, Please see below.
The coarse powder is fed into the steamer (2), (3) and (4) through the feeding port (1), and is gradually heated and stirred by the stirrer. Blades from one stage to another. After being pushed out from the lower outlet (5), it falls into the feeding head (6), and is sent into the pressing cage (7), where it is compressed by the pressing worms in each section. The extracted oil flows through the gaps between the cage bars into the oil screw conveyor (8) and from there into the oil storage tank, while the filter cake is discharged at the rear of the machine. All this shows that the entire oil extraction process from feeding, cooking, heating to oil and cake is fully automatic and continuous. Therefore, once the amount of seed, temperature, moisture and cake thickness are determined, the operator only needs to observe the feed indicator, steam pressure gauge and ammeter and make adjustments if necessary, minimizing the demands on the seed. Supervision, greatly saving labor.

Oil expeller machine 20 ton per day sunflower cooking vegetable tea seed oil production line supplier

Large scale crude oil extraction machine is mainly used in the middle and large scale oil mill plants for vegetable and biodiesel oil processing. These large oil presses are generally divided into two kinds: oil press for hot pressing, and low temperature oil press for cold pressing. The large scale oil press extraction machines we supply is suitable for extraction of vegetable oils from oil bearing seeds and nuts, such as rapeseeds, grounnut, sesame seeds, cottonseeds, soybean seeds, corn germ, copra, sunflower seeds etc.


Main Parts Of The Automatic Oil Press Machine
1.screw shaft
3.pressing cage
4.oil pan
5.squeezing bolt
6.vacuum oil filter system
7.electric control system
8.heating ring
Operate Processing Of The Automatic Oil Press Machine
1.stir-fring the seed
2.feed in the oil seed
3.pressing the seed in the pressing chest
4.oil drip on the oil pan from the squeezing bolt
5.then oil inflow the vacuum oil filter pan by the vacuum system
6.then pure oil come out of the filter

Oil expeller machine 20 ton per day sunflower cooking vegetable tea seed oil production line supplier
Oil expeller machine 20 ton per day sunflower cooking vegetable tea seed oil production line supplier

The large screw crude oil extraction machine (oil expeller) is designed to use physical mechanical pressing way to press oil out from the oil seeds. Single machine capacity 10-200TPD.

Advantage Of The Automatic Oil Press Machine
1. Energy Saving:The electric power can be reduced by 40% under the same output. For example, the machine can save 6 kilowatt at an average of one hour. In that case, it could save about 30 RMB per day.
2. Labor Saving: 60% labor can be saved under the same output. One or two person can organize the production. It can save about 40 RMB of labor cost every day.
3. Widely Usage:The machine is multi-function. It can process more than 20 kinds of oil crops, such as, peanut, linseed, sesame, rapeseeds, sunflower, cottonseeds, soybean etc.
4. Oil Pure:Vacuum filter can filter the residue and ensure the oil quality. The oil can meet the standard of health quarantine.
5. Small Area Covering: 10 ~ 20 m2 can meet the production needs.

Oil expeller machine 20 ton per day sunflower cooking vegetable tea seed oil production line supplier

Large processing capacity

Combined Steaming & Cooking

Lower energy consumption

Automatic and Continuous Operation

Flexible production

Higher quality oil and cake & Steady oil yield

Perfect Construction, Simple Control and Durable service

We have customers from all over the world like Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan,and Canada, Chile, Argentina,Ethiopia, India, Malaysia, Zambia, Nigeria, Russia , Turkey, More than 30 countries and areas.





1: What is the Warranty for the machines?

A1: 1 year for free.

Q2: What is the Material?
A2: Stainless steel and carbon steel.

Q3: When can I get the price?
A3: Within 24 hours, if urgent, please directly call us.

Q4: Whether the machine price can be more discount?
A4: In general, our MOQ is 1set with very reasonable price, but if large order, we also can apply to our Manager to appropriately give you a little discount.

Q5: How to ask quotation?
A5: Please note us what tpye of raw seeds , and how many tons of raw seeds you want to treat per day, then we will send you quotation as soon as we can.

Q6: Can we ask the oil plant for different types of oil?
A6: Yes, but we recommend no more than 3 different types.

Q7: Why need extraction ?
A7: If only pressed, oil residue inside cake is very high at lease 6%. But after extraction, the oil residue will be less than 1%, which greatly increases the oil yield.

Q8: Vegetable oil plants require how large of a workspace?
A8: The land area typically depends on the capacity of the plant. We can suggest an appropriate space to prepare after given specifications, or, can design the oil plant in-house specifically to the amount of workspace available.

Q9: How long will it take to receive my products?
A9: As a general rule, it will take one Month for us to produce.

Q10: Do you offer oversea installation?
A10: We’ll send professional installation engineer to help you install the equipment, as well as training your workers freely.


Shipping Information

FOB Port Shanghai
Weight per Unit 4850.0 Kilograms
Export Carton Dimensions L/W/H 285 x 185 x 256 Centimeters
Lead Time 30–45 days
Dimensions per Unit 285.0 x 185.0 x 256.0 Centimeters
Units per Export Carton 1.0
Export Carton Weight 4850 Kilograms

Main Export Markets

– Australasia- Central/South America- Eastern Europe- Mid East/Africa – North America- Western Europe- Asia